Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory

2.5 / 5  stars
Read in November 2019
Book #4 in The Wedding Date series

Oh boy, I’m just gonna dive right in…

The stakes were low, if not non-existent.
The character growth was little to none.
The plot trod along without ever really changing pace.
The dialogue felt forced and cringe-worthily unnatural.

I realized all of this about a third of the way through the book with the unfortunate (and correct) feeling that it wouldn’t change as I kept reading. So I lowered my expectations significantly, and the story became much more enjoyable.

If you’re ready to treat this book like a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie, and you’re looking for something light and easy to get you through the holidays, I would recommend this book.

Vivian Forest accompanies her daughter, Maddie, on a work trip to England. While Maddie works as the Duchess’s personal stylist for the holidays, Vivian finds herself falling head-over-heels for the Queen’s charming private secretary, Malcolm Hudson.

I loved that our heroine and hero were both middle-aged (in their 50’s), which is atypical of popular romance novels. I enjoyed experiencing England and the world of British royalty through Vivian’s eyes.

Otherwise, there’s not much more I can say about it. It’s filled with likable yet unused side characters and missed opportunities to heighten the stakes that left me wanting more.

If I hadn’t been reading this for a book club, I’m unfortunately not sure I would have finished it. However, I would be interested in reading some of Guillory’s other novels to see how they compare, especially if they aren’t centered around a specific holiday. I’d love to get the chance to fall in love with her books!

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