The Governess Game by Tessa Dare

3.75 / 5  stars
Read in October 2019
Book #2 in the Girl Meets Duke series

I enjoy Tessa Dare’s writing immensely and the large amount of details she puts into her stories, from her characters’ backstories and motivations to world building elements that reveal she truly did her research. Light spoilers ahead!

While Alex seemed a little too perfect, I did enjoy her character and more importantly her relationship with Rosamund and Daisy. The young sisters are by far the best characters in the book – their lines made me laugh out loud, and I appreciated that both Alex and Chase did not baby them (for example, the scene where Chase reveals his backstory to Rosamund and admits that he and Alex had been in a fight).

Chase had his good moments, but overall I wasn’t a fan of him. He treated women terribly until he met Alex, and even then he still wasn’t great to her. His constant inner monologue of “Alex isn’t like other girls” made me roll my eyes. Honestly, he didn’t deserve Alex. Every time he was mean to her she was kind and patient in return, attributing his detachment and anger issues to his tragic past. However, she had an equally if not more tragic past, but you didn’t see her taking it out on him.

Lastly, I loved all of the scenes with Emma and Ash. I absolutely loved The Duchess Deal (book #1 in the series), so it shouldn’t be surprising that I cheered whenever its characters made appearances in this book. I’m looking forward to reading Penny’s story in book #3 next!

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