A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

5 / 5 stars
Read in February 2020
Book #2 in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series

ACOTAR ★★ –> ACOMAF ★★★★★????

I seriously cannot believe just how much better this book was than ACOTAR. All the reviews I read all told me it would be, but … I guess my expectations of ACOMAF were different from reality in a surprising and satisfying way, and that it made all the more enjoyable.

Was this book absolutely perfect? No. It was wordy at times, and there were moments the vernacular of this fantasy world pulled me out of the story – “sweater”, “pants”, “pissed off”, and a variety of other more modern, very American words that didn’t quite fit for me. Not to mention the overly-protective “males” and the fact that I’m still not 100% sure how I feel about the word “mate”…

My Expectation: ACOTAR was dark and violent, almost over-the-top in some scenes. And I was expecting this book to top that to the point that I would have to put the book down for a moment because it would just be too graphic or painful.

My Reality: While ACOMAF had its dark and violent moments, I usually had to put the book down to squeal with joy or smile at a moment between two characters. That, and the vivid descriptions of a certain city had me reminiscing of my days living in Europe, with a beloved French city in mind.

Other reasons to love ACOMAF:
– #squadgoals
– Feysand*
– Feyre becomes more badass
– Learning more about/seeing the other Courts and High Lords
– Expanded universe with lore, magic, and mysterious creatures

* A handful of the reviews I’ve read think SJM tries too hard to make Rhys feminist. Does she force it a little at times? Yes, she does tend to repeat herself. However, I personally appreciated the contrast between Rhys and Tamlin as it pertained to Feyre’s story. By 2020 standards, Rhys would definitely not be a great feminist. But in this universe? It worked for me. Rhys was a lot better than most of the other “males” in the story. That doesn’t make him perfect, but he’s helping to change the ways of Prythian.

For now I think it’s safe to say the ACOTAR series is my new guilty pleasure. I can’t wait to see how having read ACOMAF affects my perspective when I decide to reread ACOTAR one day!

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